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Tansill Muldoon Stadium - Trinity's 5,500-seat stadium complex which provides access to viewing the field hockey, football, lacrosse, and track and field team competitions.

Temperance Society - Student organization in the mid- to late-19th century.

Tennis - First appearing as “lawn tennis,” this sport was extremely popular starting in the 1880s.

Terms - Groupings of weeks and months which form the structure of the academic calendar year.

Theology Department - A foundational area of study in the early days of Trinity College, and one of its oldest departments.

Ronald R. Thomas - Acting President of Trinity College, from 2001 to 2002.

Silas Totten - 3rd President of Trinity College, from May 4, 1837 to August 2, 1848.

Track and Field - Longstanding sport that has existed since at least the 1880s.

Trincoll Journal - A web-based magazine that ran from 1992 to 2000.

Trinfo.Café - Student-run internet café open to the Hartford community.

Trinidads - Student singing group formed around 1960.

Trinitones - Student a cappella group formed in 1987.

Trinity College Council - Advising body to the president formed in 1968, made up of students, faculty, and administrators.

Trinity College Girls' Club - Social club for female staff members founded in 1971.

Trinity Conn-PIRG - Trinity Public Interest Research Groups.

Trinity Film Festival - Showcase of undergraduate films from around the country and world held at Cinestudio.

Trinity Film Society - Club for students interested in film and the process of filmmaking.

Trinity Hall - First-year student dormitory located in South Campus, formerly known as Wheaton Hall.

Trinity Innovation Center - A space for Trinity's partnerships with Infosys and Digital Health CT, which opened in February 2020.

The Trinity Papers - Academic publication featuring selected student writings whose authors are recognized on Honors Day.

Trinity Samba Ensemble - Student musical group that performs Brazilian samba drumming, especially at Samba Fest.

Trinity Soccer Field - Playing field for Trinity's soccer teams, constructed in 2017.

Trinity Softball Field - Playing field for Trinity's softball team, constructed in 2017.

Trinity Steel - A calypso-style student drumming group.

Tablet - Student-run periodical and newspaper from 1868-1908.

Trinity in Trinidad - Immersive study abroad program in St. Augustine, Trinidad.

The Trinity Tripod - Trinity's student newspaper, founded in 1904.

Trinity Varsity Weight Room - Trinity's weight room, located in Ferris Athletic Center.

Trowbridge Pool/Squash Facility - Gymnasium project built in 1929 and named in honor of alumni Samuel Breck Parkman Trowbridge.

Trustees - A governing body established in 1823 which is responsible for the final approval of decisions pertaining to matters affecting the College.

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