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Lacrosse - At first a way for football players to stay active, the first team was formed in 1912, and first women's team in 1975.

La Eracra - Cultural house that supports and endorses Latinx heritage.

Learning Corridor Initiative - Project to create an educational complex on Vernon Street with ties to Trinity.

Lemon Squeezer - Symbolic prize awarded each Class Day by the Seniors to another deserving class.

LGBTQ+ / Diverse Sexualities at Trinity - The long history of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff at Trinity.

Liberal Arts Action Lab - Building located in Hartford where Trinity students and Capital Community College students work together to address community issues.

Library - A central feature of the College where students study, research, and engage with technology and information.

Life Sciences Center (LSC) - Building on the south side of campus that houses the biology, psychology, and neuroscience departments.

Literary Societies - Early collegiate social organizations with a focus on literature and intellectual debate.

Little Dormitory - Student dormitory that was located at 92-100 Crescent Street.

Theodore D. Lockwood - 15th President of Trinity College, from 1968 to 1981.

Loctite - Adhesive developed at Trinity College by Trinity Chemistry Professor Dr. Vernon K. Krieble.

The Long Walk - The oldest buildings on the Trinity campus and hallmark of Trinity's collegiate gothic architecture.

Long Walk Restoration and Renovation - Project undertaken in 2007-2008 to restore and renovate the Long Walk buildings.

Flavel Sweeten Luther - 11th President of Trinity College, from October 26, 1904 to July 1, 1919. Also, Acting President (June 1903-October 25, 1904), and President Emeritus (July 1, 1919 to January 4, 1928).

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