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Jarvis Hall (Summit Campus)*

* Disambiguate: Jarvis Hall (Original Campus)

Designed by William Burges and Francis Kimball, construction on Jarvis Hall began on July 1, 1875. Along with Seabury Hall and Northam Towers, Jarvis Hall formed the center of the Long Walk on the new campus located on a tract of land called Rocky Ridge. Jarvis was designed to contain student dormitories and faculty apartments.

Jarvis Hall, 2022. Photo credit: Jeff Liszka

Construction was completed, and Jarvis was ready for occupancy at the beginning of the fall semester of 1878.

Jarvis Hall was renovated and restored as part of the $32.9 million dollar Long Walk renovation and restoration project begun on May 21, 2007 and completed on August 28, 2008. Extensive exterior and interior work was done, including: removal of and/or repair of cast iron and lead windows, cleaning of the brownstone exterior, replacing the slate roof with 123,000 new tiles, returning the room suites to their original layout, as well as mechanical and electrical repairs and upgrades.

To complete the renovation and restoration, material was sourced from local, national, and international locations. The brownstone came from quarries in Portland, Connecticut. The sandstone was sourced from the Cleveland Quarries in Amherst, Ohio. A mine in Monson, Maine provided the roofing slate, and the terracotta roof pieces came from the West Meon Pottery in Petersfield, England.


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