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Washington College - Trinity College's first name, until 1845.

Washington's Birthday - Annual College celebration of George Washington's birthday

David Watkinson - Hartford merchant and public benefactor; namesake of the Watkinson Library.

Watkinson Library - Research library open to the public that houses Trinity College's Special Collections and College Archives.

Wesleyan-Trinity Summer School - A joint summer school program which took place in 1942.

Wheaton Hall - A first year dormitory, now renamed Trinity Hall.

Nathaniel Sheldon Wheaton - 2nd President of Washington College (now Trinity College), from December 1831 to February 1837.

Widener Gallery - Trinity's main formal exhibition space, located in the Austin Arts Center.

Wiggins Dormitory - Student dormitory that was located at 76 Crescent Street.

Williams, James H. - General factotum at Trinity College from about 1825 to 1874.

John Williams - 4th President of Trinity College, from 1848 to 1853.

Williams Memorial - The College's second library building, built in 1914 with funds from J.P. Morgan.

Women and Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC) - Organization founded in 1972 to serve the needs of female students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

Women's Club of Trinity College - Social club for female staff members founded in 1971.

Women's Leadership Council - Group that supports Trinity's female undergraduates.

Women at Trinity - A history of women-identifying people, organizations, and experiences at Trinity College.

Wrestling - This sport originated as “Sports Nights” held for entertainment during Trinity's time in the Navy V-12 Program.

WRTC - College radio station owned by Trinity that first aired in 1947.

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