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Fellows - A governing body elected by trustees and alumni to oversee college life, affairs, curriculum, and discipline.

Ferris Athletic Center - Trinity College's athletic facility, built in 1968.

Field Hockey - One of the first female sports to be played on an intercollegiate level at Trinity, the first team was organized in 1971.

First-Year Papers - A collection of essays written by first-year students in their First-Year Seminars and Gateway Programs.

Flag Rush - A contest between classes, popular during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Flipping the Bird - The weekly flipping of one page of John James Audubon's book Birds of America.

Football - Trinity's first football game was played in 1857 and has remained popular since.

Football Rush - A contest between classes, popular during the early 20th century.

Founders Day - A fall holiday which originated because of a dangerous pastime.

Fraternities - Traditionally all-male social organizations which often have a rushing process, Greek letters and symbolism or traditions, and their own designated residence.

Fred Pfeil Community Project (The Fred) - Living community located in Summit East dedicated to promoting inclusivity on campus by holding non-exclusive events open to all students.

Friends of Trinity Rowing Boathouse - Boathouse located in East Hartford built for Trinity's crew team in 1965.

Frohman-Robb Dormitory - Student dormitories that were located at 78-80 (Frohman) and 82-84 (Robb) Crescent Street.

G. Keith Funston - 13th President of Trinity College, from 1945 to 1951.

Funston Hall - Student dormitory in the South Campus area.

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