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Eating Clubs - Largely replaced by today's Greek Life system, eating clubs are social organizations which meet regularly for meals and other events.

Eigenbrodt Cup - Award given to a notable Trinity alumnus/alumna during commencement.

Eisenhower Plaque - Plaque near the chapel to commemorate President Dwight Eisenhower's visit to campus.

Samuel Eliot - 6th President of Trinity College, from April 8, 1861 to June 29, 1864.

Elms - Original trees planted on the main quad in the 1880s; also a Trinity symbol.

Elms Society - Society that works to recognize those who make special donations to the school.

Elton Hall - Student dormitory completed in 1948 and named for John Prince Elton, Class of 1888.

English Department Building (115 Vernon) - Building built in 1885 originally used as the President's house, but converted to house the English Department in the late 1970s.

James Fairfield English, Jr. - 16th President of Trinity College, from 1981-1989. Served as Vice President for Finance and Planning prior to presidency.

Episcopal - Christian denomination under which Trinity College was founded.

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